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Crits-Christoph, A., C. K. Robinson, B. Ma, J. Ravel, J. Wierzchos, C. Ascaso, O. Artieda, V. Souza-Egipsy, C. Casero, and J. DiRuggiero. 2016. Phylogenetic and functional substrate specificity for endolithic microbial communities in hyper-arid environments. Frontiers Microbiol.

Crits-Christoph, A. D. R. Gelsinger, B. Ma, J. Wierzchos, J. Ravel, A. F. Davila, M. C. Casero, and J. DiRuggiero. 2016. Functional interactions of archaea, bacteria and viruses in a hypersaline endolithic community. Env. Microbiol. DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.13259

Goordial, J, A. Davila, D. Lacelle, W. Pollard, M.M Marinova, C.W. Greer, J. DiRuggiero, C.P. McKay and L.G. Whyte. 2015. Nearing the cold-arid limits of microbial life in permafrost of an upper dry valley, Antarctica. ISMEJ in press.

Davila, A.F., I. Hawes, J. Garcia, D.R. Gelsinger. J. DiRuggiero, C. Ascaso, A. Osano, and J. Wierzchos. 2015. In situ metabolism in halite endolithic microbial communities of the hyperarid Atacama Desert. Frontiers Microbiol. 6:1035.

Wierzchos, J., J. DiRuggiero, P. Vítek, O. Artieda, V. Souza-Egipsy, P. Skaloud, M. Tisza, A. F. Davila, C. Vílchez, I. Garbayo, and C. Ascaso. 2015. Adaptation strategies of endolithic chlorophototrophs to survive the hyperarid and extreme solar radiation environment of the Atacama Desert. Frontiers Microbiol. 6: 934.

Robinson, C. K., J. Wierzchos, C. Black, A. Crits-Christoph, B. Ma, J. Ravel, C. Ascaso, O. Artieda, S. Valea, M. Roldan, B. Gomez-Silva, and J. DiRuggiero. 2015. Microbial diversity and the presence of algae in halite endolithic communities are correlated to atmospheric moisture in the hyper-arid zone of the Atacama Desert. Environ Microbiol. DOI: 17: 299-315

Crits-Christoph, A., C. K. Robinson, T. Barnum, J. Ravel, F. Fricke, A. Davila, B. Jedynak, C.P. McKay, and J. DiRuggiero. 2013. Colonization patterns of soil microbial communities in the Atacama Desert. Microbiome 1:28.

DiRuggiero, J., J. Wierzchos, C. K. Robinson, T. Souterre, R. Ravel, O. Artieda, V. Soua-Egipsy, and C. Ascaso. 2013. Microbial colonization of chasmoendolithic habitats in the hyper-arid zone of the Atacama Desert. Biogeosciences 10:2439-2450

Webb, K., J. Wu, C.K. Robinson, N. Tomiya, Y. Lee, and J. DiRuggiero. 2013. Effects of intracellular Mn on the radiation resistance of the halophilic archaeon Halobacterium salinarum. Extremophiles. 17: 485-497

Webb, K.M., and J. DiRuggiero. 2012. Role of Mn2+ and compatible solutes in the radiation resistance of thermophilic bacteria and archaea. Archaea. 2012:Article ID 845756. doi:10.1155/2012/845756

Robinson, C.K., K.M. Webb, A. Kaur, P. Jaruga, M. Dizdaroglu, N. Baliga, A. Place, and J. DiRuggiero. 2011. A major role for non-enzymatic antioxidant processes in the radioresistance of Halobacterium salinarum. J. Bacteriol. 193:1653-1662

Kaur, A., P.T. Van, C.R. Busch, C. Robinson, M. Pan, W.L. Pang, D. Reiss, J. DiRuggiero, and N.S. Baliga. 2010. Coordination of frontline defense mechanisms under severe oxidative stress. Mol. Syst. Biol. 393 DOI:10.1038/msb.2010.50

Kish, A., G. Kirkali, C. Robinson, R. Rosenblatt, P. Jaruga, M. Dizdaroglu, and J. DiRuggiero. 2009. Salt shield: intracellular salts provide protection against ionizing radiation in the halophilic archaeon, Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1. Environ. Microbiol. 11:1066-1078