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The Language Acquisition Lab

Department of Cognitive Science @ Johns Hopkins University

Want to contribute?

If you are a student who is interested in getting involved in one of our current research projects, and you have background experience in linguistics (in particular, syntax), please contact Géraldine Legendre.

Recent News

Welcome, Postdoctoral Researcher Elena Kulagina!

Elena Kulagina has just joined our research team, based out of the Université Paris-Descartes in France in the laboratory of Thierry Nazzi. She is contributing her experimental and linguistic expertise to our NSF-funded project on the crosslinguistic acquisition of verbal agreement and will be leading our French data collection efforts, though we hope to see her around JHU as well. We are excited to have Elena working on this project!

BUCLD Presentations

This November, graduate student Lisa Hsin and professors Jennifer Culbertson and Géraldine Legendre joined collaborators Nayeli González-Gómez (UNAM, Merida), Isabelle Barrière (City University of New York – Brooklyn College), and Thierry Nazzi (University of Paris V, Laboratoire de Psychologie de Perception CNRS) in presenting their research, Revealing early comprehension of subject-verb agreement in Spanish, at the 38th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD) 2013.


Calling all kids!

Our lab is currently recruiting child subjects for various studies on language development with children ages 1 to 10. Click the flyer above to learn more!




What we do

Our lab investigates how children learn the forms of their native languages using a variety of experimental paradigms, including preferential looking, head-turn preference, and interactive games. It’s a lot of fun!

If you and your child would like to join us, please click the Sign Up for Studies! button above.



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