Taught at Johns Hopkins University

Astrobiology: Planets, Life, and the Universe - AS.020.334 & AS.020.616

A multidisciplinary course exploring the origins of life, planetary formation, Earth's evolution, extrasolar planets, habitable zones, life in extreme environments, the search for life in the Universe, space missions, and planetary protection.

Microbiology: The Microbial World - AS 020-329

This course explores the physiology and genetics of microorganisms within an evolutionary and ecological framework. Concepts in microbiology will be supported by molecular studies of microbial evolution and microbial communities including that of the human microbiome.

Adopt a Genome: Genomics and Sequence Analyses - AS.020.328

This genomics course integrates lectures, discussions and independent research. It is designed for students to learn bioinformatics tools for genome and sequence analysis and to put this knowledge into practice by carrying out primary research.