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Gelsinger, D. and DiRuggiero, J. 2018. Transcriptional Landscape and Regulatory Roles of Small Noncoding RNAs in the Oxidative Stress Response of the Haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii. J Bact DOI: 10.1128/JB.00779-17

Gelsinger, D. and DiRuggiero, J. 2018. The non-coding regulatory RNA revolution in Archaea. Genes 9:E141 PMID:29510582 Genes 9:E141 PMID:29510582

Meslier V., M. C. Casero, M. Daily, J. Wierchos, C. Ascaso, O. Artieda, P.R. McCullough, and J. DiRuggiero. 2018. Fundamental drivers for endolithic microbial community assemblies in the hyperarid Atacama Desert. Env Microbiol 20:1765-1781 PMID:29573365


Schulze-Makuch, D., D. Wagner, S. P. Kounaves, K. Mangelsdorf, K. G. Devine, Vera, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, H. Grossart, V. Parro, M. Kaupenjohann, A. Galy, B. Schneider, A. Airo, J. Froesler, A. Davila, F. Arens, L. Caceres, F. Solis Cornejo, D. Carrizo, L. Dartnell, J. DiRuggiero, et al. 2018. A Transitory Microbial Habitat in the Hyperarid Atacama Desert. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA PMID:29483268


Sharma, A., E. K. Gaidamakova, O. Grichenko, V. Y. Matrosova, V. Hoeke, P. Klimenkova, I. H. Conze , R. P. Volpe, R. Tkavc, C. Gostincar, N. Gunde-Cimerman, J. DiRuggiero, A. Ozarowski, B. M. Hoffman, M. J. Daly. 2017. Across the tree of life, radiation resistance is governed by antioxidant Mn2+, gauged by paramagnetic resonance. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114: E9253 PMID:29042516

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Crits-Christoph, A., C. K. Robinson, B. Ma, J. Ravel, J. Wierzchos, C. Ascaso, O. Artieda, V. Souza-Egipsy, C. Casero, and J. DiRuggiero. 2016. Phylogenetic and functional substrate specificity for endolithic microbial communities in hyper-arid environments. Frontiers Microbiol 7:301 PMID:27014224

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Davila, A.F., I. Hawes, J. Garcia, D.R. Gelsinger. J. DiRuggiero, C. Ascaso, A. Osano, and J. Wierzchos. 2015. In situ metabolism in halite endolithic microbial communities of the hyperarid Atacama Desert. Frontiers Microbiol. 6:1035.

Wierzchos, J., J. DiRuggiero, P. Vítek, O. Artieda, V. Souza-Egipsy, P. Skaloud, M. Tisza, A. F. Davila, C. Vílchez, I. Garbayo, and C. Ascaso. 2015. Adaptation strategies of endolithic chlorophototrophs to survive the hyperarid and extreme solar radiation environment of the Atacama Desert. Frontiers Microbiol. 6: 934.

Robinson, C. K., J. Wierzchos, C. Black, A. Crits-Christoph, B. Ma, J. Ravel, C. Ascaso, O. Artieda, S. Valea, M. Roldan, B. Gomez-Silva, and J. DiRuggiero. 2015. Microbial diversity and the presence of algae in halite endolithic communities are correlated to atmospheric moisture in the hyper-arid zone of the Atacama Desert. Environ Microbiol. DOI: 17: 299-315

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Webb, K., J. Wu, C.K. Robinson, N. Tomiya, Y. Lee, and J. DiRuggiero. 2013. Effects of intracellular Mn on the radiation resistance of the halophilic archaeon Halobacterium salinarum. Extremophiles. 17: 485-497

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