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 Department of Biophysics
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Cone Lab

320 Jenkins Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

(410) 516-7259 office
(410) 516-4118 fax

Selected Publications:

  • Baltz, J.M., and R.A. Cone. 1990. The strength of noncovalent biological bonds and adhesions by multiple independent bonds. J. Theor. Biol. 142:163-178.
  • Cone, R.A., and K.J. Whaley. 1994. Monoclonal antibodies for reproductive health: Preventing sexual transmission of disease and pregnancy with topically applied antibodies. Am. J. Reprod. Immunol. 32/2:114-131.
  • Sherwood, J.K., L. Zeitlin, K.J. Whaley, R.A. Cone, and W.M. Saltzman. 1996. Controlled release of antibodies for long-term topical passive immunoprotection of female mice against genital herpes. Nature Biotechnol. 14:468-471.
  • Castle, P.E., K.J. Whaley, T.E. Hoen, T.R. Moench, and R.A. Cone. 1997. Contraceptive effect of sperm-agglutinating monoclonal antibodies in rabbits. Biol. of Reprod. 56:153-159.
  • Zeitlin, L., R.A. Cone, and K.J. Whaley. 1999. Monoclonal antibodies for preventing mucosal transmission of epidemic infectious diseases. Emerg. Infect. Dis. 5:54-64.
  • Cone, R.A. 1999. Mucus. In Handbook of mucosal immunology, Second Edition, ed. by Ogra, Mestecky, Lamm, McGhee, and Bienenstock, 43-64. San Diego: Academic Press.
  • Boskey E.R., R.A. Cone, K.J. Whaley, and T.R. Moench. 2001. Origin of vaginal acidity: High D/L lactate ratio is consistent with bacteria being the primary source. Hum. Reprod., in press.
  • Olmsted, S.S., J.L. Padgett, A.I. Yudin, K.J. Whaley, T.R. Moench, and R.A. Cone. 2001. Diffusion of macromolecules and virus-sized-particles in human cervical mucus. Biophys. J., in press.

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