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After 10 decades of continuous use, Gilman Hall, the Johns Hopkins University’s flagship building and the heart of the Homewood campus, has undergone a bold, ambitious renovation that enhanced and revitalized the historic structure while dramatically transforming it into a model for modern scholarship in the humanities.

This Diary website chronicled the three-year renovation, with new content added each month, providing a look at the construction itself and the myriad stories surrounding the project and this 95-year-old building. In the fall of 2010, we celebrated the much-anticipated grand re-opening of Gilman Hall.

See more about the reopening at our 95 Scenes of Gilman Hall site.

Stories Archive

graphicNew Life in Gilman

July, 2010

graphicThe Color of Gilman

Gilman Hall gets a splash of color

March, 2010

graphic'Snowmageddon 2010' slows Gilman Renovation

Crews tackle snow removal while work
continues inside

February, 2010

graphicRevealing Progress
As the weather cools, the work inside Gilman Hall continues to heat up. More importantly, the finished product has begun to take shape.

November, 2009

graphicArched Marvel
Crews install dramatic curved atrium skylight,
a centerpiece of the Gilman renovation

October, 2009

graphicGilman's classrooms go 21st century
This fall, like last, Johns Hopkins students are delving into classical literature, Romance languages, European history, and other humanities subjects in buildings other than Gilman Hall, whose rooms remain off-line during its renovation.

September, 2009

graphicNoticeable Improvement
Gilman’s lighting and mechanical systems might not be the new building’s most obvious changes, but they’ll make a big difference in what it’s like to work and study there.

August, 2009

graphicEasy Access
The new Gilman Hall will feature simplified staircases, central elevators, and an end to maze-like corridors to nowhere.

July, 2009

graphicAll Eyes on the Atrium
The dramatic centerpiece of the renovated Gilman Hall moved ever closer to completion this month as crews constructed the courtyard floor of what will become a three-story glass-topped central atrium.

June, 2009

graphicGilman’s Clockwork Universe
The renovation of the Gilman Hall clock tower

May, 2009

graphicCritical Choreography
Project superintendent Eddie Delluomo keeps an eye
on all the details of the Gilman Hall renovation

April, 2009

graphicA Fresh Face for Gilman
While Gilman's interior undergoes its massive renovation, the building's exterior will get a little nip and tuck.

March, 2009

graphicBridging Old and New
As work continues throughout Gilman, crews dismantle the bridge to the HUT

January, 2009

graphicRestoring Gilman's Glass Treasures
While Gilman's interior makeover continues, some of its glass treasures are getting some needed TLC

December, 2008

graphicA Room 500 Elegy
Lofty learning space falls victim to Gilman renovation,
but officials promise an even better replacement

November, 2008

graphicThe Dismantling of Gilman Hall
Careful demolition turns back clock to Gilman’s early days

October, 2008

graphicSwing Space
Students, faculty settle into relocated classrooms

September, 2008

graphic Gilman's Maestro
Martin "Marty" Kajic, facilities project manager

August, 2008

graphic Renovation Ramps Up
Gilman Hall a full-fledged construction site.

July, 2008

graphic Momentous Move-Out
Faculty and students pack up and head out of Gilman Hall until 2010.

June, 2008

graphic Student-Engineered Designs
A Hopkins class invites undergraduates to re-imagine the Gilman renovation

May, 2008

graphicA Careful Dance
This spring, Gilman Hall is home to a staggering juxtaposition of teeth-wrenching brute force and white-gloved delicacy.

April, 2008

graphic Temporary Digs
Faculty, students, and construction crews accommodate
one another amid the Gilman renovation

March, 2008

graphic The Greening of Gilman
When Gilman Hall reopens in summer 2010, the other buildings on campus will go green with envy—or rather, envy its green.

February, 2008

graphic Moving Mummies: Careful Work Keeps Gilman's Ancient Occupants Safe During Renovation
The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Collection goes back underground...temporarily.

January, 2008

graphic Behind closed doors, the work begins
The renovation of the iconic Homewood academic building is well under way.

December, 2007

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