Johns Hopkins University

Fall 2008
Vol. 6, No.1


"First Steps" in China

>Fulbright Scholars Around the Globe

Finding a New Way

Big Crises, Big Questions

Sustainable Sea Change

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Fulbright Scholars Around the Globe


alf a dozen Arts and Sciences alumni have set out as Fulbright Scholars this year, fanning out around the world on a wide range of academic missions. They include:
Franz Knupfer MFA '07, who is working with the deaf community in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley, observing the challenges its members face in their search for inclusion, employment, and acceptance in mainstream society. He plans to compile his study into a collection of short stories and essays.

Janet Lee '08, who earned her bachelor's degree in public health and is spending this year teaching high school in South Korea.

Michael McCarthy MA '06, now a graduate student in political science, who is in Venezuela investigating the Chavez administration's treatment of the poor.

Aaron Soto-Karlin '08, who double-majored in anthropology and Latin American studies and is examining the contemporary landscape of traditional health practices, practitioners, and their clients in Juchitan, Oaxaca.

Stephanie Tow '08, a neuroscience major who is reconnecting with her heritage while teaching English in Hong Kong.

Alexander Wald '08, who studied public health as an undergraduate and is using two Chinese villages as case studies to identify models of treatment and prevention of schistosomiasis, a degenerative and potentially fatal intestinal parasitic infection suffered by millions of people in endemic zones throughout China.