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Fall 2008
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Villa Spelman 2.0

In conjunction with the recent sale of the Villa Spelman in Florence, Italy, the school has launched the Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Pre-Modern Europe. The center, which is based at Homewood, builds upon the villa's long-standing tradition of rich graduate seminars and will provide numerous European collaborations. Where the villa studies were focused on Renaissance Italy, the Singleton Center will have a broader scope and the flexibility to involve students and faculty from several departments in seminars and research opportunities.

Christopher Celenza, a professor in the Department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures, is the Singleton Center's director. Plans include hosting conferences at Homewood and at European institutions, helping graduate students find research opportunities abroad, and offering a signature team-taught graduate seminar. An inaugural lecture series is planned for spring 2009 on the Homewood campus. The center is named for Charles S. Singleton, the internationally renowned Dante scholar who was a professor of Italian literature at Hopkins for many years.