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Editors’ Note

This fall was, in many ways, like every other fall on the Homewood campus: A new crop of ever-brighter students arrived and settled in, joining the rest of the undergraduate and graduate student body in enlivening a campus somewhat quieted by summer. Between classes and bell chimes, brick paths suddenly grew crowded with students, and weeks later became blanketed in fallen leaves. The rhythm of a university campus is indeed comforting in its constant renewal.

But outside this familiar routine, the start of this academic year brought several other changes: the beginning of Katherine Newman's tenure as dean of Arts and Sciences and, with it, the launch of a community-wide conversation about the future of the school and its many constituent parts; the arrival of an extraordinary group of new faculty, the result of the school's best-ever hiring season; and the unveiling of the new Gilman Hall, rededicated 95 years after its original opening and three years after the start of an ambitious renovation.

You can read about these events and initiatives within these pages ( Gilman's reopening is covered; a profile of Katherine Newman; and you can learn about some of our new faculty members), and get news of some other wonderful happenings at Homewood. The Sheridan Libraries have acquired an unbelievable collection of rare documents, pamphlets, and books illustrating the milestones of ancient and modern scientific discovery, for instance. And, on the building front, the Brody Learning Commons is under construction and a major addition to Mudd Hall to house new undergraduate teachings labs is being planned. For much more on all of these, please visit

These are exciting times to be a member of the Arts and Sciences community. We hope you share in the excitement and that you enjoy this issue of Arts & Sciences Magazine. If you're inclined to drop us a line to say so or to suggest a story we might not know about, all the better.


Sylvia Eggleston Wehr
Associate Dean for External Affairs


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