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Charm City, Chalkley Style

Chalkley art


om Chalkley, a cartoonist/illustrator and longtime instructor in the Homewood Art Workshops, has finally put to pen (and colored pencil) and paper a creative endeavor he’d been thinking about for a decade. The recently released Ultimate Cartoon Map of Baltimore is a celebration of the people, history, culture, and landscape of the city, with 176 caricatures of notables from Baltimore’s past and present, as well as more than 40 depictions of landmark buildings and structures—including some on the Homewood campus, shown in this detail from the 24 x 36-inch map. It was a labor of love for Chalkley, who nevertheless can’t quite claim native Baltimorean status (a relative newcomer, Chalkley moved to Baltimore in 1979). The $30 poster is available
at area bookstores and gift shops.

To see the entire map, visit Chalkley’s website at