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Editors’ Note

We talk and hear a lot about community around here. The word is peppered throughout discussions of ways Johns Hopkins contributes to Baltimore (and the world). Community factors prominently, too, in efforts to enhance the student experience, nurture collaborations among faculty, and strengthen connections with and among alumni.

Despite all the talk about community, it still came as somewhat of a happy surprise to us, as the magazine came together this semester, that the stories of this issue highlight real diversity within our community and celebrate some of the unsung heroes who help it all hang together. We are referring primarily to those featured in our cover story on postdoctoral fellows. These super-bright rising stars number more than 100 in the School of Arts and Sciences and connect the academic community in their multifaceted roles as colleagues, investigators, teachers, mentors, and more.

And yet, postdocs, whose history here is as old as the university itself, are in some ways invisible, neither faculty nor students. So it was with great pleasure that we approached the task of telling their stories and sharing their experiences.

Elsewhere in our pages, other important pieces of our community are found: We chronicle the efforts of Chris Lee ’74 to help boost the shipping industry in Baltimore through his company’s work to expand and operate the Port of Baltimore; we highlight the richly diverse Center for Liberal Arts, led by Melissa Hilbish, which is attracting thousands to its public programs and offering lifelong learning opportunities to the entire region; and we say a sad goodbye to legendary professor M. Gordon “Reds” Wolman , who epitomized the ideals of Johns Hopkins and leaves an incredible legacy.

The university continues to work to strengthen its community—the new Provost’s Lecture Series that debuted with Nobel Prize winner Carol Greider was but one example of those efforts—and watches with intense pride as its members, like Wes Moore ’01, go out and contribute enormously to the greater community. Moore’s inspiring book, The Other Wes Moore, was released in April, coinciding with Moore’s scheduled appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. We wish him much success in his efforts to demonstrate the context of communities in all of our lives.

Some wonderful, late-breaking news: At press time, we received word that Katherine S. Newman, of Princeton University, had been named the next James B. Knapp Dean. We congratulate and welcome her, and we know that in the year ahead, she will be eager to engage the Arts and Sciences community in conversation on these pages and in numerous settings on campus and beyond.

Sylvia Eggleston Wehr
Associate Dean for External Affairs

Angela Paik Schaeffer


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