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A Record Pool for Admissions

Johns Hopkins is more selective than ever. This spring, its Office of Undergraduate Admissions sent coveted acceptance packets to just 20.4 percent of the 18,455 who applied for admission to the class of 2014.

The admit rate is down significantly from 26.7 percent last year and represents a record low. The applicant pool was 14 percent bigger than last year’s.

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions John Latting says all the principal academic measures of the admitted class are as high or higher than last year’s group. The median unweighted GPA, for instance, is 3.88 among admitted students (compared to 3.84 last year), and the median combined SAT score is 1470 (1460 last year).

Women again comprise 48 percent of the admitted class, and accepted students come from 49 U.S. states (all but South Dakota) and 58 countries.

Underrepresented minorities comprise 19 percent of admitted students, up from 15 percent last year. Some 38 percent of the admitted group have been offered need-based grant funding at Hopkins, up from 31 percent last year.

The admissions office spent the month of April working to recruit the admitted students, who had until May 1 to accept their offers of admission.