Johns Hopkins University
Spring/Summer 2007
Vol. 4, No. 2


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Microscope Wows Student Users

> Even Better Than Finding the Top Quark

Inaugural Fellowships in Africana Studies

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Even Better Than Finding the Top Quarks

Professor Bruce BarnettBruce Barnett, a professor of physics and astronomy, has received the Maryland Association of Higher Education’s 2007 Outstanding Faculty Award. The honor, presented to Barnett at the associa­tion’s conference in March, recognized his innovative approach to teaching introductory physics to Johns Hopkins undergraduates and his pioneering work in introducing physics and astronomy to the general public.

“I am truly honored to have received this award,” says Barnett. “I was part of the collaboration that discovered the top quark a few years ago, which was very exciting. But this teaching award is a much more personal accomplishment, and even more satisfying.”

James B. Knapp Dean Adam Falk describes Barnett as a pioneer and an innovator, noting that he was the first instructor in the department to use an electronic student feedback system, which helps keep students engaged, especially in large lectures.

Barnett also started and continues to coordinate the local “QuarkNet” outreach group that brings local high school teachers to Johns Hopkins every summer for two weeks of enrichment activities. He was the driving force behind the creation of the university’s annual Physics Fair, which brings more than 300 people to the Homewood campus each April to enjoy physics-related activities.

Such efforts have not gone unnoticed at Hopkins, where in 2006 Barnett was selected by the Student Council to win the George E. Owen Teaching Award for his outstanding devotion to undergraduate education. He also has been the recipient of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award.