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Page last updated 02/28/01.


JAMI 2000-01 Program

Shimura Varieties and Automorphic Forms

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mathematics
Japan-U.S. Mathematics Institute


Masaaki Furusawa, Osaka City University
Hiroyuki Yoshida, Kyoto University
Steven Zucker, Johns Hopkins University

Expected Visitors from Japan:

Ken-ichi Bannai, University of Tokyo (11/1-11/30 & in March)
Kazuhiro Fujiwara, Nagoya University (10/1-10/22 & in March)
Masaaki Furusawa, Osaka City University (2/1-3/31)
Kaoru Hiraga, Kyoto University (10/1-11/30 & in March)
Takuya Konno, Kyushu University (10/1-11/30 & in March)
Takuya Miyazaki, Keio University (10/2-12/21 & in March)
Tadashi Ochiai, University of Tokyo (10/9-10/21)
Takeshi Saito, University of Tokyo (12/3-12/22 & in March)
Hiroyuki Yoshida, Kyoto University (10/1-10/31 & in March)

During the 2000-2001 academic year, weekly seminars are planned for the presentations of recent developments in the field as well as a 

Workshop and Conference
March 20-25, 2001

to culminate the program.